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Williamson County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Legal Guidance for Williamson County Residents Facing Prosecution

If you have been arrested in Williamson County, Tennessee, you are far from alone. In 2012, for example, the Sheriff’s Office made over 3,000 arrests, including 164 arrests for DUI and 184 arrests for drug violations. The criminal defense attorneys at Freeman & Fuson have helped individuals in Williamson County after arrests such as these for over 25 years. Mark Freeman and Joseph Fuson were raised in Williamson County. Both attended high school within miles from downtown Franklin and spent their childhood in Franklin, Brentwood and Fairview. As such, Mark and Joseph and all the Williamson County criminal defense lawyers at Freeman & Fuson are proud to dedicate part of our practice to protecting the rights of people facing prosecution there.

Fighting DUI Charges in Tennessee

The Tennessee DUI law is broad and covers many situations that drivers may not realize. In general, the law prohibits anyone from driving or otherwise being in physical control of any type of motor vehicle, while under the influence of an intoxicant, drug, or other substance that impairs his or her ability to safely operate the vehicle, or while his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or more. (The BAC limit is lower for people operating a commercial vehicle, and for drivers under 21.)

Any driver who is stopped for DUI in Tennessee has the right under the Implied Consent law to refuse to give blood or perform a breath test. In Williamson County, the police officers do not carry breathalyzers. More importantly, the police officers always seek to obtain the blood from a driver if the driver refuses by obtaining a search warrant so they can test the BAC level in the blood. Defending a DUI where a search warrant has been obtained requires a skilled trial attorney.

Despite the fact that most first-time DUI offenses are classified as misdemeanors, the penalties stemming from a conviction are often more severe than those for a typical misdemeanor. Depending on the circumstances, a first conviction could lead to penalties such as jail time, probation, DUI school and substance addiction treatment at your cost, driver’s license revocation, fines up to $1,500, and community service. Furthermore, a conviction may remain on your criminal record permanently. Seeking legal advice from a criminal defense attorney in Williamson County is important to help you understand your situation following a DUI charge. While the case may seem defenseless, there are often arguments that can be made to mitigate the consequences or even have the charges dropped.

Protecting Your Rights Against Marijuana Charges

Although many states have decriminalized marijuana possession, this remains a serious offense in Tennessee. For a first-time charge, knowingly possessing up to a half-ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor, carrying penalties of up to one year in jail and a $250 fine. Depending on the circumstances of the charge, such as the involvement of minors, associated criminal violations, or repeat marijuana offenses, the penalties can be even more severe. Possessing a half-ounce or more of marijuana with the intent to distribute, deliver, or cultivate is a felony offense in Tennessee, and it also carries heavy fines and even more prison time.

Hiring the right attorney in Williamson County is especially important. This jurisdiction tends to be stricter than most with regard to punishment on minor marijuana offenses. Some cases that would be resolved in Davidson County or other counties for a 4 hour drug class and a fine, Williamson County routinely seeks to impose jail time, 11/29 days on supervised probation, drug testing, alcohol and drug treatment and serious fines and court costs for possession of a few grams of marijuana. Knowing your rights in Williamson County is at a premium. Hire attorneys who will fight for you in Williamson County.

Knowing your rights is an important part of defending your case. For example, if the marijuana charges are the result of an illegal search and seizure by police, the evidence obtained may be ruled inadmissible. This can severely impede the prosecution’s attempt to prove the allegations against you, sometimes resulting in the charges being dropped. Accordingly, discussing the details of your arrest with a knowledgeable Williamson County criminal defense attorney can be a crucial part of developing a well-prepared and effective defense.

Representation for Individuals Prosecuted for Other Crimes

In addition to DUI and marijuana offenses, we are skilled in defending individuals against many other types of criminal charges, such as assault, white collar crimes, traffic violations, sex offenses, and many others. In all kinds of criminal cases, the arresting officer must have had probable cause to believe a crime had been committed, and the state must prove each element of a crime charged at trial beyond a reasonable doubt. In a typical Class A misdemeanor assault case, for example, this means the prosecution must show that the person accused caused a bodily injury to someone else, and that the defendant’s actions in doing so were intentional, knowing, or reckless. Rebutting the prosecution’s evidence and employing other effective defense techniques, or negotiating a beneficial plea agreement, can potentially result in a more positive outcome for a person accused of a crime.

Enlist a Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer in Williamson County

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense like DUI or marijuana possession in Williamson County, a knowledgeable lawyer at Freeman & Fuson can explain the legal process to you. Contact us at 615.298.7272 or online. We assist residents of communities throughout the County, including Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Nolensville, Thompson Station, College Grove, Arrington, and Fairview.

Client Reviews
I loved working with Sarah and Joey. They are very kind people who made sure I understood every step of the process. They treated me with kindness continuously and I would definitely use them again! Taylor
Joey is a talented lawyer who cares about his clients. Sarah his assistant is a true professional, but more than that they care about you as a person first. I would highly recommend the team. Bill Hoskinson
Relief! Mark Freeman is the best lawyer I have ever had. He took care of my Criminal Case in one day. Answered all phone calls and returned them all as well. He didn't hesitate to answer any of my questions. I am very thankful he had my case dropped! Not many lawyers can do that. I highly recommend him. He treats you as more so family than a client. If I ever have another case Mark Freeman will be my lawyer. Peter P.
Joey: Just wanted you to know how appreciative I am to be represented by such an outstanding attorney. You did an awesome job. Thank you for your help and support throughout. I have NEVER gotten so much for my money with any other attorney before. I'm looking forward to referring you as much as possible in the future. Thanks again buddy. Charles G.
I just want to say that Mrs. Carolanne King is the greatest lawyer I have ever had. She is truly amazing and knows how to get the job done. She walked with me through the whole court process and worked for me when everyone else said that they could not help me. I am truly grateful for the law firm of Freeman and Fuson. D.D