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Testimonials - Archive

Stay Encouraged Through Whatever Trial You are Facing, and Trust Attorney Mark Freeman to Have Your Best Interest in Mind!

My name is Charles, I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the excellent service and commitment that I received as a client of Mark Freeman and his team of legal experts. 5 years ago on Father's Day, I found out I was being indicted on some FALSE charges in Nashville, Tennessee. These charges were very serious and I was facing 20 years in prison. That day was officially the worst day of my life... or so I was thinking. As you can imagine I went through some rough times, feeling like the world was against me, and nobody to lean on, it made life tough. I decided to turn myself in, and fight this head on, but I have a very strong belief in God, and would not give up. I believed I would be cleared of all charges, but had to deal with it head on.

I got to Tennessee, went down to the police station where they processed me and put me in handcuffs and then I was told that my bond was set at $50,000. My wife, church family, and friends raised my bond to get me out and the search for an attorney began. (I had previously spoken with Attorney Freeman about my case prior to turning myself in).

After contacting several attorneys (one of which saying that God was not in control of my situation, and the other wanting me to put a house up to retain him, the Lord blessed me with one of the best attorneys in Nashville, Tennessee who met with my wife (pregnant at the time) and I. He decided to work alongside us, and help me clear my name! That attorney was Mark Freeman. For 4 1/2 years, Mark and his legal team of experts worked to prepare me, prayed with me, and continued to encourage me to continue to fight. As my final trial date approached (APRIL 2015), I was in Nashville being prepped to stand trial. I spent countless hours being questions, examined, and cross examined by his team to ensure that I was ready for the big day! (Did I mention, the prosecuting attorney was the toughest DA in Nashville at the time)? As I was being prepped, Mark’s Office got a call saying that the DA (this same DA with a 98% conviction rate) could possibly be fired from his position. A few minutes later we got a call back saying that the he was fired.

The Turn of Events

After the DA was fired, they postponed my trial because the state needed to assign a new DA to my case. I returned home to my wife, and was contacted by my lawyer that my case had been re-scheduled for JUNE. I was in contact with Mark and his team (who by this time, I felt like was my team too) and they continued to encourage me and have faith with me. JUNE came, I went to court and before I could even sit down in the courtroom, the judge announced that ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED!

I conclude this letter with informing all future clientele, if you want an attorney who is true to his word, consistent, hard-working, a Man of God, and someone who understand life and Family: Mark Freeman is the Attorney you need. Every day that I wake up and look at my wife, my children, and my freedom, I realize that God led me to Mark Freeman because he knew who would represent me in the right manner! I am grateful, and this is a REAL story. If you would like to contact me, you can e-mail me at C4mylife20@yahoo.com.

- Charles T. Burns III

Carolanne was My Rock

I owe a debt of gratitude to Carolanne for walking through my divorce with me. I wanted a lawyer that would work towards a reasonable solution in a difficult situation. I very much appreciate the constant and consistent support and advice when I seemed to be riding a roller coaster. Carolanne was excellent at communicating updates with me and listening when I needed or wanted something. She helped me keep my daughter's best interest the focus during custody negotiations. She didn't let unreasonable requests from the other side change our focus or goals. She was a rock, and I'm grateful. In the end, we did work out a very reasonable solution for everyone involved. Words will never adequately express how thankful I am!

- K.E.

I Would Strongly Recommended Joey Fuson

In 2014 I was charged with a DUI in Williamson County, Tennessee. I interviewed several attorneys and I’m very grateful that I chose Joey. Most attorneys would have simply walked me through the process of going to jail. But because of Joey the case was dismissed. During the process he proved himself to be very trust worthy, knowledgeable and aggressive in getting my case dismissed.

When you have something like this hanging over your head it creates a lot of stress and fear. Which in turn can cause one at times to doubt the attorney they chose. But with Joey there were no doubts, I listened, I did what he said, and he did everything he said he would do. The end result was case dismissed.

- J.S.

I Greatly Appreciate Your Service

I was charged with Possession of Marijuana and Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia in Davidson County, Tennessee. Joey Fuson’s office has done amazing things for me! I would just like to take a moment and say thank you! Your firm was well worth the money and I greatly appreciate your service.

- A.K.

You Fearlessly Defended me

Mr. Freeman,

You fearlessly defended me against the government. Thanks to you we won.

- J.Z.

Thanks Mark…

I also want to thank you on behalf of myself, Mark and the entire SOS team for all that you and your team have done for us. Not just with this whole thing with ***** but everything over the years. I am very grateful that you are on our team. You clearly are a very good lawyer. Have a great rest of the week and again thank you.

- Tom

Bonnaroo Illegal Search and Seizure

Was on my way to Bonnaroo, and was illegally stopped and searched against my refusal. They found marijuana. I hired Joey and he handled my case quickly and professionally. The case was dismissed.

- Anonymous

Reflection on my Case With Freeman and Fuson: It is Such a Weight off

Before Freeman & Fuson:

I was confused in what needed to happen. I was emotionally afraid of the situation. I was frustrated of the lack of communication, lack of progress or understanding of the process. I was intimidated and afraid in the presence of my spouse. I feared the stigma of being divorced and just wanted it over. In JANUARY 2014 I had to change attorney's and that's when I met Joey and Carolanne.

After Freeman & Fuson:

Entering the building was intense, the staff gave me a warm welcome and that helped calm me. Walked in the office Jan 2014 and hope to finalize in May 2014.

The first meeting was great!! I will never forget how it felt to hear “You need someone to fight for you!” I knew at that moment I was in the right place.

All the meetings were on time and on point to the issues and very relaxed. I always left with a feeling of confidence and more informed about my case and the next step.

All the coordination was timely, professional and encouraging. I felt like I was the number one client and my concerns were very important. That gave me confidence and courage.

I called and or emailed any time and the response time was impressive. I knew what was happening and felt in control and able to make my own choices and decisions.

Joey did what he said, and then some… Through his fight for me and his team support - I was able to coordinate an agreement and settlement that left my daughter, her father and I in a state that we can move forward with the focus on sustaining the best possible relationship for our daughter’s future.

Joey, is easy to talk to, very motivational, he listens and advises this allowed me to make my own decisions and be confident in the course of actions I took. Words can not express the gratitude and satisfaction I have for both Joey and Carolanne. I have been blessed through what started as a mess.

- L.W.

Mr. Freeman was Very Bold, yet Very Polite, in Handling my Case

Hello, my name is M. Flores and if you are reading this then you are in a similar situation that i was in. I was involved in a battle with a Giant over a small matter to most, but to me the whole world was crashing around me. Mr. Mark Freeman and his Associates were fighting the front lines for me and when we showed up to take on this Giant Mr. Freeman was very bold, yet very polite, in handling my case. VICTORY! Is what came out of his mouth as i walked away from the court room still not knowing what all just happened he assured me that this case was a VICTORY! I knew how hard this case was to defeat because of its 95% conviction rate, but on this day it just dropped to 94%.

Thank You So much,

- M. Flores

I Would Recommend Freeman & Fuson to any one...

In August, 2013 I received a speeding ticket in Smyrna, Tn. I would like to write that Joe Fuson handled my ticket with professionalism and I would recommend Freeman & Fuson to any one who needs help in and around the Nashville, TN area.


The Staff at Freeman & Fuson is Just Amazing

The staff at Freeman & Fuson is just amazing. The respect and understanding they showed me in my time of need is just amazing.

Divorce is never easy with so many emotions between the two parties. It takes those that can understand really what you want and have the know how to make sure those wishes are expressed in a legal way. I feel all that was involved with my divorce gave it 100%.

I want to give a special thanks to Carolanne for never allowing me to give in on things that could have had long term effects on my life.

Thank you,

- Dan S.

Outstanding. Joe and His Team Really Delivered

My case was handled quickly and the outcome exceeded the expectation I'd been given and was even better than I'd been told to expect/than promised.

I had to travel from out of state on a very tight schedule. Joe settled my case in less than ½ a day and had me on my way as promised.

- MG

Client Reviews
I loved working with Sarah and Joey. They are very kind people who made sure I understood every step of the process. They treated me with kindness continuously and I would definitely use them again! Taylor
Joey is a talented lawyer who cares about his clients. Sarah his assistant is a true professional, but more than that they care about you as a person first. I would highly recommend the team. Bill Hoskinson
Relief! Mark Freeman is the best lawyer I have ever had. He took care of my Criminal Case in one day. Answered all phone calls and returned them all as well. He didn't hesitate to answer any of my questions. I am very thankful he had my case dropped! Not many lawyers can do that. I highly recommend him. He treats you as more so family than a client. If I ever have another case Mark Freeman will be my lawyer. Peter P.
Joey: Just wanted you to know how appreciative I am to be represented by such an outstanding attorney. You did an awesome job. Thank you for your help and support throughout. I have NEVER gotten so much for my money with any other attorney before. I'm looking forward to referring you as much as possible in the future. Thanks again buddy. Charles G.
I just want to say that Mrs. Carolanne King is the greatest lawyer I have ever had. She is truly amazing and knows how to get the job done. She walked with me through the whole court process and worked for me when everyone else said that they could not help me. I am truly grateful for the law firm of Freeman and Fuson. D.D